TriEvents group of hunts are a Mainstore-hopping event. The aim is to persuade the hunt object to surrender the event’s items as prizes by saying a ‘code’ word in local chat.

For Hocus Pocus 2021, the codeword is “hocus pocus“.

1. Grab and share the FRE HUD

You don’t need the HUD to play, but it sure will make it fun. ♥ The HUD is copy/transfer so you can pass a copy to your friends and loved ones. After all, our hunts are meant to be a fun social activity.

You can grab the HUD from the Marketplace and TriEvents HQ when it becomes available.

Alternatively, join the TriEvents Subscribo at the HQ and we will send out the HUD to you automatically when the event goes live.

2. Browse the prizes from the HUD

The HUD will show a preview of the prizes. See something you like? Check your local chat for the SLurl to TP to that store.

3. Find the hunt object.

It changes every year for each hunt.

For Hocus Pocus, you are looking for an poison bottle.

4. Persuade the object!

This is the time to practice your charm!

Say ‘hocus pocus‘ (without the quotation mark) in local chat. If you are lucky, the object will surrender the prize to you for FREE! Sweet!

Go forth and brag to your friends about it.

5. Didn’t win?

Bummer. That’s ok, there’s still tomorrow! Players have a minimum 15% chance of winning the prize each day.

One try per person per day.

6. “But I REALLY need that item NOW”

You can buy the exact item for 50L from the vendor near the hunt object. The item will remain 50L until the end of the event.

7. I have an issue.

Sure! Contact any one us:

  • Zuleicca Resident
  • Pixie Ruby
  • Horrorcherry Resident

8. Help with another Hocus Pocus Event

Hocus Pocus remains a mainstore-hop hunt event and run by TriEvents. Any other same-named events that are not run by any three of us (#7) is not related. We are not the same/affiliated/related to another event held on a sim, with the same name and occuring on similar timeline. We are unable to provide assistance for other event of the same name.